Classes for adult’s

Tuesdays & Thursdays 6:45pm to 7:30pm
Getting you to black belt FAST

Our fast training and grading programme takes you from complete beginner to black belt standard in on 24 months.  This comprehensive syllabus includes:

  • Taekwondo patterns.
  • 1-step sparring.
  • Sparring; non-contact, semi-contact and full contact.
  • Self defence techniques.

Smiling, sweating and learning,  you are bound to enjoy training.  We are a black belt school, and it is our aim to get you up to black belt, fast, safely and in an exciting atmosphere.

If you have previous experience in martial arts, or something with similar qualities, like gymnastics, dance, a military background, or are a highly motivated, goal orientated individual, we can discuss fast tracking you through to black belt standard in only 12 months.

Don’t delay, call today!
07 949 535 443 or 020 8345 5128 between 10am and 10pm.