Classes for children aged 5 to 9 (Cadets)

Tuesdays & Thursdays 5:00pm-5:40pm (proposed class)
Preparing younger children to train correctly and safely

A gentle introduction into martial art skills for young children.  The purpose of this class is to prepare younger children to be able to take on the skills necessary in the older Junior class to be able to grade them up to Junior Black Belt.  Our gradings in this class are therefore primarily designed to encourage effort and good behaviour, in our classes, at school, and at home too.  You, the parents, will need to take an active role in monitoring these qualities in your child at home, and we help facilitate this with the Grading Form for children.  The actual martial art skills simply need to be demonstrated to show an understanding and improvement to pass the gradings.  Our uniquie system of belt gradings rewards your child for demonstrating this.

Although there are 16 grades in the Cadet class, it is not always necessary to pass all of them in order to be ready to move into the Junior class syllabus, and move up into the Junior class.  With good behaviour, they can move up to the Junior class when they have learnt passed some  gradings and have proven they can learn patterns at the junior class rate.

This class will have only has 10 places.  

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