We are a Black Belt School.

Gradings (martial art examinations), are a great way to measure your progress.  There are many things in life you can do, enjoy and improve at, but not gain any recognition for, unless you choose to enter competitions.  Whilst competition can be helpful, you are being compared to other people.  Ever joined a gym, only to become disillusioned after the first three months, as you find that it then becomes boring, or you’re not progressing as fast as you initially were?  Or a fitness class, and felt that you were just another number in the class, without any real care being shown to you?  Good quality coaching keeps you progressing and encourages you.  Passing your gradings is proof that you have progressed up to the next level.

We hold gradings every 2 months for all students.  This means that you can get to black belt standard in only 24 months in the adult class, and 36 months in the junior class.  The Chief Instructor, Master Martin Ace, is not only a very highly graded at martial arts, but is also qualified in coaching and teaching and has over 24 years consistent experience in this.

Most people automatically respect anyone that has gained a black belt.  Achieving a black belt displays a high level of personal competence, goal setting, long term commitment, self discipline, self control to mention the mental attributes.

Everyone here in The Academy wants to see you progress.  Master Ace is an excellent coach and will help you to develop and go up through the ranks.  He wants YOU to be a black belt too 🙂


A personal testimony of the benefits of gradings from Master Ace.

From personal experience, I know that there is a tremendous value to taking gradings in martial arts.  Back in 1989, I was working in my first role in I.T., as Help Desk operator for a nationwide company.  During that first job in the computer sector, I learnt of the many fields that existed in I.T. and decided that data communications (datacomms) was the future role for me.

In my first interview for a Network Technician in datacomms, the manager took a strong look at my hobbies and interests on my c.v. and noted that I was a black belt in one martial art and was half way to black belt in another.  I got the position – “Yay!”.  Yet it wasn’t until a couple of months later, that my manager told me that he did kung fu for nearly three years, and only got half way to black belt.  He said that he recognised how hard it was to achieve the rank of black belt, and also that it must be even harder to start another martial art from the beginning by going back to white belt, and starting all over again.  He saw the qualities of commitment to both short and long term goals in martial arts, and said that it is a good comparison to a strong work ethic.  I didn’t realise at the time, how much the attributes were going to be appreciated in the other avenues of my life.