Retail Prices
We have a full disclosure policy on all fees (try getting that from other martial art clubs).

Joining Fee: £100.  Includes first month’s training (£65/£59), uniform (£40), and one year’s Membership (£35).

Prices for lessons – One of the following three options:

  • Monthly Training Fee: £65 (discounted to £59 if paid by bank Standing Order).
  • Or, Pay Per Lesson Training Fee: 1st lesson per calendar month £15, subsequent lessons that month £10.
  • 999 workers: If you a serving police officer, firefighter, or paramedic, you are welcome to train with us whenever you wish, with no commitment, on a pay-per-lesson.  Please contact Master Martin Ace directly on 07949535443 for a discrete chat regarding our “GTP” rate.


Grading Fees (below black belt): £25 (free retest within two weeks).
Free gradings: When you have achieved 1st grade, your participation in all the subsequent coloured belt gradings is free.
Black Belt Grading Fee:  Junior Black Belt £200, 1st degree Black Belt £201 (includes personally embroidered black belt (and free DVD if recorded).  Each subsequent black belt grading only costs an extra £51, but if training has been consistent, then it’s only an extra £1.

Membership Fee: £35 per year (free insurance is provided with Membership).

Sparring Kit: From £140 – Head guard, hand guards, shin guards, foot guards, double tray vented gum shield, and groin guard.  Mandatory from 8th grade (yellow belt).
Sparring Kit (additional full-contact):  Body armour £50.00. Forearm guards £8.00.  Mandatory from blue belt (4th grade).

Remember- The Joining Fee (£100) covers your first month of training (£65/£59), your uniform (£40) and Membership (£35) saving you £40.

Children –
Cadet class, 5 to 9 years of age.
Children –
Junior class, 10 to 15 years of age.
Adults –  16+ years of age.